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Premium carnations of pearly pastel lavander color. The soft color of these beautiful roses are ideal for weddings and other special events where you want to make a statement.
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Florigene is a Japan-based business of flower breeders that produces carnations and roses of blue tones in partnership with Ecuadorian farmers. Blue pigment is not common in carnations and roses, as these are unable to synthesize delphinidin, a blue pigment present in flowers of such color. Thus, creating carnations and roses of blue tones symbolizes the ""holy grail"" for flower breeders.


Behind the growth of the most beautiful blue roses and carnations, there are over 600 Ecuadorian farmers. 80% of them have produced blue roses and carnations for Florigene for around 20 years. The low rate of employee rotation demonstrates the relevance that Florigene places in terms of social responsibility, since they seek to work with farms that facilitate the wellbeing of employees and their communities in Ecuador.

• Cut stems 1.5 inches from bottom. Make a diagonal cut as this will help roses draw enough water. Use clippers or a sharp knife instead of scissors to avoid crushing the stem.

• Pour fresh water into your vase and add flower food according to the instructions of the packet.

• Make sure there are no leaves below the waterline that eventually will rot. If so, roses will block water uptake to prevent infections.


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