Senseinternational LLC is a US based company located at Florida. We are a socially focused and environmentally conscious e-commerce that curates collections of premium products from one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth, Ecuador. We deliver premium flowers, gourmet products and fashion accessories for you to start a sensory journey to the middle of the world, while also helping businesses to create great experiences for their customers.


Our commitment is to reduce distances by bringing a piece of Ecuador straight to our consumer’s doorstep with a single click. Every time you purchase at Sense Ecuador®, you will enjoy the superior quality of eco-friendly and fair-trade certified products, while also supporting communities in developing regions of South America.


As a specialized shopping destination of premium products, we also offer personalized solutions for businesses. Our expertise enables us to offer different partnership models that adapt to a broad range of sales scenarios. Whether you are a small business, a specialty store or a wholesaler, we have technological and commercial alternatives for you.