Gourmet coffee from Ecuador is literally unique. Ecuador is one of the most biologically diverse countries on earth. This privileged, fertile land is optimal for single origin gourmet coffee growth. The microclimates and the multiplicity of flowers and fruits that coexist in between the highlands and lowlands makes from Ecuadorian gourmet coffee one of unparalleled aroma and flavor.

Gourmet coffee from Ecuador is literally unique

Mass-production does not equal quality. That’s why agro-artisans are introduced in the value chain for the creation of gourmet coffee blends. Under a total traceability and fair trade model, gourmet coffee brands -like Café Vélez– ensure that the work methods of small farms are ideal for product quality and are environment-friendly too. Later on, expert roasters combine know-how and technique to maximize aroma and flavor, ensuring top notch coffee like these:

1. Yumbo Gourmet Coffee Beans

This is a gourmet coffee of great acidity, body and aromatic complexity. It’s produced in the north-west of Pichincha, a province in Ecuador surrounded by some of the highest mountains and volcanoes of South America that offers the most complex and diverse gourmet coffee of the country. This gourmet coffee blend is cultivated by AAPROCNOP, an association that gathers the best producers of the region.

Yumbo Gourmet Coffee Beans

2. Perla Negra Gourmet Coffee Beans

This limited edition gourmet coffee or microlot is one of a kind. After a long selection process, expert coffee cuppers from Café Velez make sure these gourmet coffee beans organoleptically score above 85 points. Each microlot is named after its farm of origin to show respect for the hard work and dedication of its farmers. In this case, the gourmet coffee takes the name of Perla Negra, a farm in the middle of the cloud forests of Nanegal.

Perla Negra Gourmet Coffee Beans

3. Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

This organic gourmet coffee blend is made with 100% high-altitude Arabica beans produced in Zamora, a city located in the south of Ecuador. This region is known for producing excellent quality coffee of consistent flavor, marked acidity and delicate aroma that makes it widely appealing.

Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

4. Meridiano Ground Gourmet Coffee

This incredibly delicious gourmet coffee is also a limited edition microlot named after its farm of origin. The Meridiano farm is located in a beautiful and fertile region of San José de Minas in the Pichincha province. Its farmers have succeeded in producing a Typica gourmet coffee of exceptional characteristics that organoleptically scores above 85 points.

Meridiano Ground Gourmet Coffee

5. Lojano Gourmet Coffee Beans

Gourmet coffee variety from the southern region of Ecuador, a place dedicated to gourmet coffee production. This special blend of Café Vélez is very consistent and has great character. These gourmet coffee beans have defined acidity, medium sweetness and a delicate aroma, which makes it very easy to drink.

Lojano Gourmet Coffee Beans

6. La Soledad Gourmet Coffee Beans

This gourmet coffee is a microlot produced in La Soledad, a farm located in the middle of the peaceful humid forests of Intag, in the Chocó reserve. This unique natural environment produces one of the most exquisite single origin coffees in Ecuador.

La Soledad Gourmet Coffee Beans

7. Río Intag Ground Gourmet Coffee

The Río Intag Gourmet Coffee is one of delightful aromatic complexity. It comes from the Imbabura province in Ecuador. It isn’t available in large volumes, but its quality makes up for it. Its unique characteristics make it a ‘soft” gourmet coffee. This Café Vélez version has the perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and bitterness.

Río Intag Ground Gourmet Coffee

8. Galapagos Gourmet Coffee Beans

The most outstanding feature of this gourmet coffee variety is its exotic origin: the Galápagos Islands. These single origin Gourmet Coffee beans are produced in Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal, some of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the archipielago. This is a well-balanced, rounded coffee that, unlike high-altitude coffee, it has almost no acidity.

Galapagos Gourmet Coffee Beans


Start a gourmet adventure to Ecuador, delight in one of our single origin coffees:

Galapagos Coffee Beans
Intag Ground Coffee
Yumbo Coffee Beans


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