Who deserves more celebration than the king himself? Which King? Well, yours! The one you have at home. If you’re wondering when father’s day is this year, we’ll give you just a hint: It starts with “J” and ends with “UNE 21st”. Yes! It is just around the corner. Are you ready for it?

We’ve prepared a list of ideas to turn this special occasion into the best day. They are unique, won’t take you a lot of time and will definitely surprise your hero. Surely, you know what we’re talking about: presents! You just have to find the perfect one. Do you accept the challenge?

If you said yes, follow the next steps.

The Father's day gift challenge

STEP 1: Think about what he likes

There is no one like your Father. Remember what makes him so special and what are the things he enjoys the most. Do a checklist and focus on the warmth and love he always gave you. Doesn’t he deserve a present that represents all of that in one piece?

The Father's day gift challenge

STEP 2: Choose one of the following according to
his interests

Once you’ve overcome step 1 you will know exactly what will make dad happy.

1. If he has a sweet tooth

The Father's day gift challenge

There is nothing like Ecuadorian premium chocolate. The great intensity that they carry will make him experience the real flavor of fine cocoa.

2. If he’s stylish

The Father's day gift challenge

Even though they are known as Panama Hats, the finest hats of the world are originally from Ecuador. They are ideal for the perfect look in the mid-year.

3. If he’s a “but first coffee” type

The Father's day gift challenge

This gourmet coffee comes directly from the highlands of Ecuador and carries within the diversity and uniqueness of the middle of the world.

No matter what you choose, we are sure that all of them will open a window for him to experience brand new sensations.

STEP 3: The emotional touch

To top it all off, write him the perfect message on a dedication card, reminding him the love and appreciation you have for him. Be honest, take this chance to make a difference and to let him know how much he really means to you.

The Father's day gift challenge

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Dad like he deserves.
If you completed these 3 steps we can gladly say: Well done! Mission accomplished.



The Father's day gift challenge
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