Like a fine wine, dark chocolate is meant to be savored and enjoyed, not munched down thoughtlessly. So how do you properly eat dark chocolate to get the best flavor possible? At Sense Ecuador, we’ll guide you through the chocolate tasting process so you can experience flavors and textures you’ve never encountered before and develop a new appreciation for the magnificence of dark chocolate.

Getting Started with tasting Dark Chocolate

Before you unwrap a piece of chocolate, it’s important to set the stage. Find somewhere quiet that’s free from strong smells or flavors, like perfume or coffee. If you plan on sampling multiple kinds of dark chocolate, keep a glass of water and some fresh bread or crackers on hand so you can cleanse your palate between tastings.

Getting started with tasting dark chocolate

The Dark Chocolate Tasting Experience

Now that you’ve got your area ready, it’s time to try some chocolate! To do this, we’ll use all of our senses. As an extra experiment, try the same chocolate in the morning and the evening to see how your taste buds change throughout the day. You may be surprised at the difference.

A big part of a food’s flavoring comes from its smell

The Dark Chocolate Aroma

A great way to start the dark chocolate tasting experience is to partially unwrap your chocolate and take in the aroma. A big part of a food’s flavoring comes from its smell, so it’s important to make the time to enjoy it before you start to eat.

The dark chocolate aroma

Observing your Dark Chocolate bar

After that, remove the chocolate from the wrapper and take a good look. You may notice a smooth, glossy appearance, that’s common in high-quality chocolates. Depending on the type of chocolate, you may also notice variations in the color or texture.

A well-tempered chocolate made by a skilled hand will have a clear “snap” sound when it breaks.

Feel the Consistency of your Dark Chocolate

Once you’ve finished using your eyes to examine your chocolate, break a piece off. A well-tempered
chocolate made by a skilled hand will have a clear “snap” sound when it breaks. This also releases more of the aroma and makes it an ideal to time put the chocolate to your nose and take a deep breath.

Feel the consistency of your dark chocolate

Finally Taste your Dark Chocolate

Now, it’s time to taste. Place a small piece of your dark chocolate on your tongue and allow it to melt in your mouth. Don’t chew! Chocolate generally melts around body temperature, so it should gradually
dissolve in your mouth. While this is happening, you’ll start to experience the complex flavors of your treat. Depending on how and where your dark chocolate was made, you may pick up subtle flavors you didn’t expect, like fruity or floral tones. As the chocolate melts, you’ll experience more and more different flavors and may be able to identify specific flavors, like cherry, licorice, or banana.

A fine Dark Chocolate has it own unique texture and it unique way to dissolve in your mouth.

Dark Chocolate Texture in your mouth

As you taste your dark chocolate, you’ll also notice the texture. Higher quality chocolate has a smoother texture whereas a lower quality chocolate feels glossy or gritty. Which is an indication of filling products in the mix. A fine Dark Chocolate has it own unique texture and it unique way to dissolve in your mouth.

After Taste of Dark Chocolate

Once the chocolate has completely dissolved, you’ll be left with the finishing flavor. A premium dark chocolate can leave a flavor for several minutes. This is the reason to start with a small sample of
chocolate instead of taking a big bite. Be aware of the after-taste traces, try to differentiate between after taste on the tip of your tongue for fruity flavors and on the back of your tongue for robust strong taste.

When it comes to tasting chocolate, it’s important to take it slow. Just like with wine tasting, you need time to allow yourself to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors to their fullest extent.

After taste of dark chocolate

If you’re interested in a chocolate tasting, or even hosting a chocolate tasting party, your first step is to find high-quality dark chocolates to try. That’s where Sense Ecuador comes in. With a variety of
chocolates to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Visit our website today to find out more!

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