Ecuador is a spectacular country. Tourists are drawn to this land due to its wonderful landscapes, different traditional cultures and fabulous natural diversity. It’s known for having 4 worlds in one.
Each of its regions is unique and amazing in their own way and completely different from the other 3. Those who travel to Ecuador, NEVER forget their experience.

Ecuador is a spectacular country

Hoja Verde’s Initiative

Hoja Verde’s Initiative

Hoja Verde wanted to share that magic with the world. They desired a product that represents this country, a product that tastes like the middle of the world. The best way to do that was with chocolate!

Hoja Verde Chocolate was launched in 2008. Their purpose was to challenge Ecuador’s fame as a flavor cocoa bean exporter, and place it among the top producers of fine chocolate at a worldwide level, and they have. The exceptional quality of the black and milk chocolates of Hoja Verde have been recognized internationally by the Academy of Chocolate Awards for two consecutive years.

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

The unique flavors and aromas of the Hoja Verde chocolates are the outcome of a total traceability model that connects small fine cocoa producers with the consumer. Most of the raw material that it’s used in the making, comes from the association UOPROCAE (Union of Producers of Cocoa Arriba of Esmeraldas) that unites 394 cocoa producer families and seven grassroots associations in the province of Esmeraldas. UOPROCAE is recognized for its excellent fermentation processes and exceptionally fruity cocoa aroma.

Hoja Verde’s principle emphasizes the need to recognize farmers’ effort and the work they do. This means they pay them much better prices than the average. Under these guidelines, farmers strive to produce the best possible cocoa with their heart and soul. Once in the market, a fair price allows them to know that their work is sustainable, that it promotes a decent life: with access to education, medicine, home, food, and leisure.

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

It is extremely important that the consumer is aware of all the work behind the product. Also, how their purchase decision generates a positive impact to each one of the producers families.

The company believes that a successful business must make sure that their suppliers are happy. This is based on the belief that the real business is not the exchange of merchandise for money, but the relationship between human beings.

Hoja Verde Chocolate has resulted in an exceptional range of internationally awarded premium products thanks to the production chain that support it. The hearts behind the company are the ones at blame when we think on the magic that makes this product so special.

Hoja Verde Chocolate has resulted in an exceptional range of internationally awarded premium products


Taste the middle of the earth:

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Top 5 Christmas traditions in America

What a better time to enjoy traditions than Christmas, huh? Every year people from around the world join their families and friends to celebrate this event in the name of peace and love. The United States isn't the exception. Follow our lead and read about some of the most common activities Americans do for this magical occasion.

People celebrate Christmas in many ways, but there’s no doubt that at this time of the year, reunions, relaxation and a lot of fun are waiting for you just around the corner. So, are you ready to soak in the magic of December? Turn your season mode on and let’s bring together some of our favorite rituals.


It isn’t truly Christmas without them!

First of all, the tree.

Picking out the best one to give your home a warm environment is vital for these days. It can be natural or artificial, the meaning of having one is spending fun time with the family by decorating it and dressing it up. Any kind of baubles, lights or garlands are welcome!

On the other hand, before the big day, you can also find a special spot for that mistletoe that has been saved up for years. Decorating your house, inside and outside, is an exceptional way to spend time on Christmas with your loved ones. Tell everyone to bring along a unique ornament and transform your home into the perfect holiday getaway for the whole family.

A great way to expand the Christmas joy is decorating your spaces with the magic, colors and essences that only Ecuadorian roses have.


By e-mail or hand to hand they are still a trend on American’s Christmas traditions. Sending cards with good wishes to your relatives and old friends is a great way to reconnect and make them feel special. It is a warm symbol of love in this cold time of the year.



Taking a walk through the streets of your neighborhood or town and watching all of the house’s lights is a real pleasure, even more, if you are a Christmas fan, like us.

The shiniest and most colorful time of the year is near, so why don’t take advantage of it. Get together with your family and friends and find the perfect moment to enjoy this fun tradition. You can also take some pictures and get to know the real show Christmas night has to offer you.


The best part of Christmas eve is food. Exquisite dishes, appetizers, and desserts are prepared to spoil the whole family and lead to the perfect moment to express, in a few words, why you’re thankful for.

Although everyone’s got their own family traditions on Christmas, especially in the way of what they're eating that day, here we brought you an idea that will be the topping for the perfect night or afternoon: chocolate drinks!

To make these beverages unforgettable, the best ingredient is Hoja Verde Chocolate.


The gift exchange tradition goes back to when the Three Wise Men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus for his goodwill.

Nowadays, on Christmas day, every member of the family brings along gifts to exchange them just because of the joy of giving. This action is considered as the perfect way of making others feel loved and special. Don´t forget the gold rule: Do what you want them to do for you.

Healthy thanksgiving pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday and there is no doubt that the time shared in the family around the dinner table has no comparison. There is something magical in taking a moment of the year to give thanks and to feel grateful for the people, the moments and things that have accompanied us.
The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet
Feelings are meant to be expressed, and we all know that there are infinite ways to do it. What we can't deny is that some of these are more universal than others. You can externalize your fondness with a hug or display your affection with a kiss. The meanings behind these actions are known worldwide.

The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet

The same thing happens with gifts. A present is usually a materialization of the emotions that exist in your heart for someone in particular. Giving the right object that reveals what you feel is very important for everyone. So when it comes down to choosing the perfect item for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with the classics. Chocolate and jewelry are perfect exemplars of elegant gifts that say “I love you”, but neither of them manifests romance and passion like roses. These flowers are perfect to convey the word love.

The power of giving roses

The power of giving roses

When you give a present, you are not only communicating what you feel for someone else. You are also saying a lot about your personality. These acts influence the perception that others have about you. Studies have shown that flowers create instant delight to those who receive them. People who send these flowers are commonly viewed as happy, caring, emotionally intelligent and even courageous. Why? Well, roses are extremely beautiful, elegant, soft and have a pleasing aroma. They are perfect to make your statement when you fall in love.

Roses and their meanings

Roses and their meanings

Roses come in a wide variety of colors and they mean different things. It’s important to acknowledge them when choosing a bouquet as a present. You want to express what you feel with the right color and number. Number? Yes! The number of roses in a bouquet also has various implications. If you don’t know what these are, we have the perfect guide for you.