Ecuador is a spectacular country. Tourists are drawn to this land due to its wonderful landscapes, different traditional cultures and fabulous natural diversity. It’s known for having 4 worlds in one.
Each of its regions is unique and amazing in their own way and completely different from the other 3. Those who travel to Ecuador, NEVER forget their experience.

Ecuador is a spectacular country

Hoja Verde’s Initiative

Hoja Verde’s Initiative

Hoja Verde wanted to share that magic with the world. They desired a product that represents this country, a product that tastes like the middle of the world. The best way to do that was with chocolate!

Hoja Verde Chocolate was launched in 2008. Their purpose was to challenge Ecuador’s fame as a flavor cocoa bean exporter, and place it among the top producers of fine chocolate at a worldwide level, and they have. The exceptional quality of the black and milk chocolates of Hoja Verde have been recognized internationally by the Academy of Chocolate Awards for two consecutive years.

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

The unique flavors and aromas of the Hoja Verde chocolates are the outcome of a total traceability model that connects small fine cocoa producers with the consumer. Most of the raw material that it’s used in the making, comes from the association UOPROCAE (Union of Producers of Cocoa Arriba of Esmeraldas) that unites 394 cocoa producer families and seven grassroots associations in the province of Esmeraldas. UOPROCAE is recognized for its excellent fermentation processes and exceptionally fruity cocoa aroma.

Hoja Verde’s principle emphasizes the need to recognize farmers’ effort and the work they do. This means they pay them much better prices than the average. Under these guidelines, farmers strive to produce the best possible cocoa with their heart and soul. Once in the market, a fair price allows them to know that their work is sustainable, that it promotes a decent life: with access to education, medicine, home, food, and leisure.

Making one of the world’s finest chocolates

It is extremely important that the consumer is aware of all the work behind the product. Also, how their purchase decision generates a positive impact to each one of the producers families.

The company believes that a successful business must make sure that their suppliers are happy. This is based on the belief that the real business is not the exchange of merchandise for money, but the relationship between human beings.

Hoja Verde Chocolate has resulted in an exceptional range of internationally awarded premium products thanks to the production chain that support it. The hearts behind the company are the ones at blame when we think on the magic that makes this product so special.

Hoja Verde Chocolate has resulted in an exceptional range of internationally awarded premium products


Taste the middle of the earth:

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