Haven’t you ever dreamed to keep the roses you received during a special moment for longer than a few days? With preserved roses that is perfectly possible. Preserved roses are the best way for you to lock in a moment in time without having to invest your energy in its maintenance. In this article, you will discover how to take care of preserved roses and keep them and your memories alive for the longest time possible.

Preserved roses are the best way for you to lock in a moment in time

What are preserved roses?

Understanding what exactly preserved roses are, is the first step in their maintenance. Preserved roses are 100% real flowers that last up to 3 years without watering. Yes, preserved roses are natural blossoms and, in the particular case of the preserved roses in our stock, they are fair trade certified premium roses grown in the highlands of Ecuador.

The process of preservation begins when expert farmers pick fresh roses that meet the standards of a world-class flower. Later, these premium blossoms go through a technological process that enables them to become preserved roses of incredible colors that look and feel exactly like recently cut fresh roses. After this special process, talented florists create beautiful arrangements with preserved roses that are perfect for you to decorate your home or pamper your loved ones on special occasions.

Preserved roses are natural blossoms

The basic maintenance of preserved roses

Preserved roses are great; not only because they help you conserve your memories, but also because you don’t need to develop all the talent of a florist to keep them looking perfect. With preserved roses, you can enjoy the beauty of a natural blossom without investing all the time and energy you spent when taking care of fresh cut flowers. Isn’t it perfect? Here are our tips for you to enjoy your preserved roses for a long time:

1. Keep preserved roses indoors

There are different elements outdoors that may decrease the long-lasting life of preserved roses. These are dust, humidity, wind, temperature changes, and even curious animals that may want to play with your preserved roses. That’s why your best choice when taking care of an arrangement of preserved roses is to keep it indoors.

2. Keep preserved roses in a cool, dry place

There are certain places in a house that trap humidity and hit more than others, like the kitchen. Among them are definitely not the right places for preserved roses. Excess of humidity and hit decrease the life of any natural flower, no matter if this is fresh or preserved. Since preserved roses are a compound of organic elements, you need to avoid exposing them to environments that accelerate their degradation.

Keep preserved roses in a cool, dry place

3. Do not expose preserved roses directly to sunlight

With the help of innovative technology, preserved roses are re-colorized during the process of preservation, after absorbing a special liquid that little by little replaces their sap and water. So, take into account that extended exposure to direct sunlight may result in color loss in preserved roses.

4. Avoid any contact of preserved roses with water

Despite preserved roses look and feel exactly like recently cut fresh roses, they cannot be exposed to water in any form since they may lose the properties that make them last for a long time. This means, you don’t need to replace the water in a vase every now and then to keep your preserved roses looking great.

Avoid any contact of preserved roses with water

5. Avoid crushing, pressing or folding petals.

Don’t forget that preserved roses are still natural flowers and some of the considerations you apply when taking care of fresh flowers apply to preserved roses as well. If someone crush, press of fold the petals of a preserved rose, this will lose its beauty and even may break, as it would happen with the petals of any fresh flower.

6. Use a dry, cool air stream for cleaning

The last but not least tip for taking care of preserved roses is to keep it clean. Preserved roses can last up to 3 years and inevitably will retain some dust. The best way to clean an arrangement of preserved roses is to use a dry, cool air stream every month.

Preserved roses can last up to 3 years


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