Never underestimate the power of grinding, this is by far the most important aspect on the process of preparing a perfect cup of coffee. In a series of posts you will learn about core concepts and essential tips you need to know in order to make the most of those specialty coffee beans.


Whether you dream to become an expert barista or you’re just a coffee lover that wants the best results on your daily coffee dose, you need to understand two invaluable concepts: grind size and consistency. Today we’ll focus on the first. You can read about grind consistency in our next blog post. Let’s get started!


First of all, the size of the little grinds you obtain after crushing your coffee beans is the sole responsible for the flavor you obtain. This is because the more surface is exposed to water, the better the soluble flavors are obtained.

Grind size

As general rule, a chunky grinding will lead to under-extraction, which means you haven’t taken enough flavor out of your coffee. Meanwhile, a pulverized ground coffee will result in an over-extracted drink, which equals to way too much flavor. Let’s reveal how you can recognize those undesirable extremes.


One of the most distinctive characteristics of under-extraction is the lack of sweetness. This flavor is the most delicious but also the most difficult to obtain from a coffee bean. If the grinding is too coarse, you’ll leave tons of sweet notes behind that help you balance the acidity of your coffee. As a consequence less pleasant flavors contained in coffee beans, such as a flat sourness and saltiness, will be easily exposed.

If the grinding is too coarse, you’ll leave tons of sweet notes behind that help you balance the acidity of your coffee.


When the grind of a coffee is way too fine, both pleasant and unpleasant flavors are released. However, sweetness will always be more subtle and difficult to obtain. The bitter flavors, on the other hand, will become too intense and will outshine the luscious sweet notes. Long story short, a sip of an over-extracted coffee will leave a dry astringent sensation in your mouth, pretty much as that of an unripe fruit, no matter the quality of your coffee.



Summing up what was explained above, what you are looking for if you wish to prepare a coffee out of this world is balance. On a perfect cup of coffee, sweetness and acidity are gracefully combined. This fusion leaves a luscious aroma in the air and a long lasting complex flavor in your mouth. Again, all depends on the specific grind size of your coffee.

We can classify grind size into 7 levels that range from extra coarse to extra fine

We can classify grind size into 7 levels that range from extra coarse to extra fine. The perfect coffee grind is somewhere in between; it depends on your personal taste but also on your preferred brewing method. You’ll have to make some tests to discover where your desired grinding point lies; meanwhile follow this chart for obtaining a balanced coffee:

Grind size & brew method

Practice what you just learned with a single-origin coffee from Ecuador and let us know in the comments which grind size you choose. Don’t miss out our next blog post on grind consistency.


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Top 5 Christmas traditions in America

What a better time to enjoy traditions than Christmas, huh? Every year people from around the world join their families and friends to celebrate this event in the name of peace and love. The United States isn't the exception. Follow our lead and read about some of the most common activities Americans do for this magical occasion.

People celebrate Christmas in many ways, but there’s no doubt that at this time of the year, reunions, relaxation and a lot of fun are waiting for you just around the corner. So, are you ready to soak in the magic of December? Turn your season mode on and let’s bring together some of our favorite rituals.


It isn’t truly Christmas without them!

First of all, the tree.

Picking out the best one to give your home a warm environment is vital for these days. It can be natural or artificial, the meaning of having one is spending fun time with the family by decorating it and dressing it up. Any kind of baubles, lights or garlands are welcome!

On the other hand, before the big day, you can also find a special spot for that mistletoe that has been saved up for years. Decorating your house, inside and outside, is an exceptional way to spend time on Christmas with your loved ones. Tell everyone to bring along a unique ornament and transform your home into the perfect holiday getaway for the whole family.

A great way to expand the Christmas joy is decorating your spaces with the magic, colors and essences that only Ecuadorian roses have.


By e-mail or hand to hand they are still a trend on American’s Christmas traditions. Sending cards with good wishes to your relatives and old friends is a great way to reconnect and make them feel special. It is a warm symbol of love in this cold time of the year.



Taking a walk through the streets of your neighborhood or town and watching all of the house’s lights is a real pleasure, even more, if you are a Christmas fan, like us.

The shiniest and most colorful time of the year is near, so why don’t take advantage of it. Get together with your family and friends and find the perfect moment to enjoy this fun tradition. You can also take some pictures and get to know the real show Christmas night has to offer you.


The best part of Christmas eve is food. Exquisite dishes, appetizers, and desserts are prepared to spoil the whole family and lead to the perfect moment to express, in a few words, why you’re thankful for.

Although everyone’s got their own family traditions on Christmas, especially in the way of what they're eating that day, here we brought you an idea that will be the topping for the perfect night or afternoon: chocolate drinks!

To make these beverages unforgettable, the best ingredient is Hoja Verde Chocolate.


The gift exchange tradition goes back to when the Three Wise Men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus for his goodwill.

Nowadays, on Christmas day, every member of the family brings along gifts to exchange them just because of the joy of giving. This action is considered as the perfect way of making others feel loved and special. Don´t forget the gold rule: Do what you want them to do for you.

Healthy thanksgiving pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday and there is no doubt that the time shared in the family around the dinner table has no comparison. There is something magical in taking a moment of the year to give thanks and to feel grateful for the people, the moments and things that have accompanied us.