Have you ever made a mistake?
That’s right! Everyone has. We are human beings and to us, mistakes are no myth. Sometimes we say or do the wrong thing and that makes us feel terrible. But it’s even worse when we end up hurting someone else’s feelings. In those situations, the best remedy is to say I’m sorry.

Best ways to say “I'm Sorry”

Apologizing is usually hard for everyone. However, it’s necessary to have healthy relationships with the people who surround you, more so with the ones you love. Saying I’m sorry is always the best way to rectify what you’ve done. With these few words, you let other ones truly understand how much you regret hurting their feelings. But, have you ever felt like it isn’t enough?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. A present materializes your feelings and makes them even more intense. In the case of making your apology, it shows your intentions of gaining the other person’s trust back.

Adding a personal touch to your apology makes it even stronger and special. Showing that person how much you care is as important as demonstrating how regretful you are. A gift is like the cherry on top for every request of forgiveness. That is why we have gathered up the best presents to potentiate your apology.

Express it with roses

Express it with roses

Roses carry meaning by colors and are the most classic and romantic way of expressing your feelings. They become extra special if they’re grown in the highlands of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Ecuador.


Fresh roses

Freshly picked roses are essential on every love story because of their great way to expand romance. Express purity and honesty when saying “I’m sorry” with these gorgeous petals.


Eternal roses

Make your apology stand out by offering a promise that lasts forever. These eternal roses are natural blossoms that do not require maintenance and can last up to 3 years with no watering.

Make it sweet again with chocolate

Make it sweet again with chocolate

Let’s face it, chocolate and romance will never be separated. Melt their heart with exotic organic dark chocolate from the middle of the world. Not only will the apology last in their mind but also the deliciousness of this premium product.

Take it to the next level with style and fashion

Having something to wear that reminds them of your love is a unique way of saying I’m sorry.
You can achieve it with the incomparable beauty of these handmade accessories.

Take it to the next level with style and fashion

Don’t panic! It’s the perfect opportunity to show your special someone how much you care:

72% Chocolate + Roses & Lemon
Lojano Coffee Beans


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