Quicksand Roses

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Beautiful lavender roses. Quick Sand is a small-sized rose that can last in a vase for up to 10 days. It measures from 40 to 70 cm.
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Quicksand roses are the most popular beige roses. Quicksand roses have powdery sandy beige petals with hints of pink and berry tones. Quicksand is an award-winning rose variety and roses are shipped direct from the farm to your doorstep.

Hoja Verde Flowers grows the most astonishing blooms in the highlands of Ecuador. Their superior quality is the outcome of an eco-friendly and socially conscious business.

Along with their fair trade frameworks, Hoja Verde develops people-focused projects. Their experts lead community orchards and develop training programs in self-sustaining practices.

• Trim the stems of your roses evenly up to 7 inches taller than the height of your vase. Make a diagonal cut as this will help roses draw enough water. Use clippers or a sharp knife instead of scissors to avoid crushing the stem.

• Remove wilting petals and leaves from your fresh roses as these could decrease their vase life.

• Pour fresh water into your vase and add flower food according to the instructions of the packet. Make sure there are no leaves below the waterline that eventually will rot. If so, roses will block water uptake to prevent infections.

For further tips read our Product Care page. http://blog.sensecuador.com/premium-roses-premium-care/


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