6 Pack of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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Combination of gourmet oils. Original / Chili breeze / Andean Star.
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Get delighted with the exotic flavor and fantastic texture of these avocado oils. This pack includes 1 extra virgin oil, 1 mild spicy oil macerated with chili pepper, and 1 gourmet oil with star-shaped avocado leaves.

Original Extra Virgin:

This delicious avocado oil is a blend of the best quality avocados found in Ecuador. It has been awarded with Gourmet Silver Medal in the CONCOURS AVPA 2016.
Ideal for both, cold and hot recipes. It enhances the flavor of cold preparations like sushi, pesto, vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. At the same time, Its high smoke point of (446ºF) makes it perfect for searing fish and meats.

Chili Breeze:

For mild spicy lovers! This extra virgin avocado oil is macerated with dehydrated rocoto chili peppers. This exquisite oil has the added nutritional value of rocotos; Vitamin C and Capsaicin that helps protecting the stomach.
Its mild spicy flavor works perfectly for seasoning pizza, macerating meats for a BBQ, preparing chimichurris, enhancing the flavor of pasta and baked potatoes, and preparing your favorite eggs for breakfast.

Andean Star:

This unique oil is a beautiful way of putting together avocado super fruits and cute stars hand made with its tree leaves. These are known to be digestive and anti-parasitic.
This Oil is the chefs' choice for finishing design dishes, sealing meats and fish, and cooking anything in the oven. The stars become tastier with heat. It is also ideal to decorate food.

• Avocado oil.
• Source of omega 3-6-9, and vitamins C, E and D, and natural antioxidants.
• High smoke point Original: 446ºF / Chili Breeze and Andean Star: 435ºF.
• Zero trans fats.
• Gluten free.
• No nut contamination.
• Vegan products.
• Chemical free.
• No GMO.
• FDA approved.
• Shelf life Original: 3 years / Chili Breeze and Andean Star: 2 years.

• Keep your oil in a cool dark place.
• Make sure that you cover your avocado oil storage container with a tightly fitting lid. This is because oxidation can make your oil rancid at a fast pace.

• Un-opened oil bottles have an expiration time of 24 months
• Opened oil bottles best until 6 months.


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