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Explore the Amazon and its rich mega diversity with 3 Ñan issues.
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Explore Ecuador’s rich mega diversity! Head to the Amazon to be mesmerized by a mass of endless green. Find out why the country is considered to be the best for bird tourism and walk along scientists who have found a natural paradise and laboratory of stunning landscapes and amazing creatures.

Issue 12 - Yasuni & Río Napo, the gates of Eden.

A mass of green, endless and undulating, harbors a world more fascinating than the myths about this region belie. One of our most ambitious issues, a compendium of color, culture and possibilities, this is the essential companion for any trip into the Amazon.

Issue 20 - Ecuador’s bird extravaganza

If there’s one country in the world that can claim the crown as the top birding nation, it’s Ecuador. The stunning diversity of species – over 1,600 no less – combined with the ease of accessibility of the road system, means Ecuador is a country made for bird tourism. Join us as we share our passion and insights on the best routes.

Issue 22 - Ecuador: The world’s laboratory

The natural spectrum of Ecuador, with its “microclimates”, its altitudinal ranges, its astounding biodiversity, is not only a magnet for visitors from around the world, it is a crucible of scientific discoveries for the world. Join us as we explore volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers and mega-diversity in the company of international scientists; learn about their daily lives in the field and their ambitions and dreams in pursuit of knowledge.


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