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3 Ñan issues on the Galápagos’ wonders + 1 scientific mission.
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Like Alice’s Wonderland, where up is down, the life-bearing ball of fire in Galápagos isn’t up in the sky, but down under, beneath the sea. And that’s just the start of the caravan of curiosities you'll discover in 2 of these Ñan issues. In addition, you'll go through a historic recounting of the world’s first scientific mission that took place in Ecuador.

Issue 10 - Galapagos I: Western Islands

For our first issue on this fabled archipelago, we sailed westward, back in time to the volcanic birth of the islands, sharing our explorations of what many consider the most beautiful landscapes of all, as well as the richest when it comes to marine fauna.

Issue 18 - Galapagos II: Planet Floreana

For our second Galápagos issue, we take our readers on a journey of exploration to the famed island of Floreana, in the southern part of the archipelago: a land full of history, bizarre settlers, amazing wildlife and still instilling a deep sense of remoteness.

Issue 19 - In the footsteps of the Geodesic Mission

Join us on our historic recounting of the world’s first scientific mission which saw French savants descend on the Andes to measure the shape of Earth and change the Colonial world forever in the process.


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