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Dive into the seaside of Ecuador with these 3 Ñan issues.
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These 3 collectable issues are dedicated to the coast. The first is an urban-and-beyond exploration of the city of Guayaquil. The other issues are dedicated to 2 coastal provinces and their astounding beaches.

Issue 8 - Guayaquil: The river, the city.

The country’s largest city doesn’t enjoy the best rep when it comes to tourism. But we proved there’s lots to keep the curious visitor happy with our urban-and-beyond explorations.

Issue 14 - Manta, Machalilla, Manabí: beaches, forests and villages.

The beaches of this Pacific Coast province are, of course, great. But we found so much more to share: archaeological sites, forest reserves, weavers and potters… And did we mention the cuisine is amazing?

Issue 26 - Esmeraldas: Lush and Tropical

Dawn casts its light upon Esmeraldas’ many worlds, its many suns breaking through the twilight, as it lingers at the crossroads of the divergent cultures that colonized and forged it amid unfathomable jungles and endless ocean. The silence of rivers and racket of cities, crashing of waves and its wild coast, create a counterpoint of inhospitable beauty. It is one of the most diverse provinces not only in Ecuador, but in the world.


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