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From catholic festivities to fiestas populares on 3 Ñan issues.
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Discover the popular festivities that keep Ecuadorians up all night, learn more about the holiest week in the Catholic calendar and explore a colonial and beautiful city like Cuenca, that goes all out when it comes to celebrating a fiesta popular.

Issue 7 - Cuenca II: .....

Our second issue on Cuenca gave us a chance to explore further its historic center and also try to understand its dichotomy of traditional and cutting-edge. Travel south with us to the deserts and oasis of Jubones and the little-explored lands around Oña.

Issue 13 - Holy Week in Quito

The holiest week in the Catholic calendar gets the Ñan treatment, with an in-depth look at the traditions, pageantry, passion and people who make up a most remarkable time of year in Quito and its surrounding region.

Issue 24 - Celebrating life: Ecuador’s goes all out!

The Ecuadorian fiesta popular continues to represent that crack in the calendar through which the immemorial, the unfathomable, the intractable, and the essential, filter through. During any Ecuadorian fiesta, the country transcends its political borders; it returns to the land and forgets its name; it stops in its tracks, it gets hammered, gets all prettied up, dances the night away, reinvents itself, comes to its knees, thanks and prays and explodes like a thousand firecrackers in the sky.


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