Nativo Extra Virgin Avocado Oil: 2 bottle

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Semi sweet blend of extra virgin avocado oil and Tysha palm oil. Two glass bottles of 500 ml.
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The Nativo avocado oil is a blend of extra virgin avocado oil and tysha palm oil. Tysha is an endemic Ecuadorian palm that produces very nice semi sweet oil. It is high in oleic acid, very similar in content to avocado oil.

This Mira oil is the perfect complement to give a soft and tasty flavor to your meals. Its blend of oils is ideal for cooking and frying because it has a very high smoke point (435ºF).

• 80% organic avocado oil.
• 20% organic tysha palm oil.
• Source of omega 3-6-9, vitamins E and D, and natural antioxidants.
• Zero trans fats.
• Chemical free.
• No GMO.
• FDA approved.
• Shelf life: 2 years.

• Keep your oil in a cool dark place.
• Make sure that you cover your avocado oil storage container with a tightly fitting lid. This is because oxidation can make your oil rancid at a fast pace.

• Un-opened oil bottles have an expiration time of 24 months
• Opened oil bottles best until 6 months.


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