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Three assorted avocado oils, one 100% natural dark honey & two chili powder.
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Avocado Flower Honey 

The Mira 100% natural dark honey is the result of sustainable agriculture. Mira encourages the bee population in their farms, and thus the pollination of their avocado trees. Thanks to the equatorial eternal spring and their conscious agriculture, they maintain a constant bloom all year round, producing the purest natural honey. This honey has a wild aroma and strong flavor. It is perfect for kicking off the day with a delicious breakfast.

Rocoto Chili Powder 

This amazing seasoning is made of Ecuadorian dried rocoto chilies. These are marinated in avocado oil with a touch of garlic and sea salt. Its wild hot delicious flavor is ideal to enrich any dish.


All garlic

Avocado oil combined with garlic essential oils and spices. This fine Mira oil is the ideal combination of avocado and garlic essential oils, and spices. Garlic is a source of an exquisite taste and wonderful nutritional benefits. It is a natural antibiotic and is rich in vitamins B.

It gives a wonderful flavor to season meats, and seafood, and it's perfect for marinating and cooking. Try it with fish fillets and prawns maceration. Use it as an appetizer with delicious Italian garlic bread or prepare a delicious mayonnaise.

Citrus Joy

This Mira Avocado Oil has the perfect blend of Ecuadorian creamy avocados with essential oils of orange, lemon and limes. The exquisite taste that results makes this product unique, and one of the best and healthy flavor enhancer for your dishes.

Fantastic for preparing desserts, syrups, healthy cookies, brownies, pancakes, cupcakes, bread, and even popcorn. Perfect for salad dressings and fried dishes. It is ideal for marinating seafood and all type of vegetable.

Extra virgin

The Mira Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a blend of the best quality avocados found in Ecuador, FUERTE and HASS. It is naturally cold pressed. This delicious antioxidant is great for design cuisine because of its exotic flavor, emerald green color and fantastic texture. It is ideal for both, cold and hot recipes. It enhances the flavor of cold preparations like sushi, pesto, vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. At the same time, its high smoke point of (446ºF) makes it perfect for searing fish and meats.

This Extra Virgin Avocado Oil has been awarded with Gourmet Silver Medal in the CONCOURS AVPA 2016.

Avocado oils characteristics:

• Oil
• First cold pressed.
• Source of omega 3-6-9, vitamins E and D, natural antioxidants, and fiber.
• High smoke point All Garlic & Citrus Joy: 435ºF; Extra Virgin: 446ºF.
• Zero trans fats.
• Gluten free.
• No nut contamination.
• Vegan Product.
• Chemical free.
• No GMO.
• FDA approved.
• Shelf life All Garlic & Extra Virgin: 3 years; Citrus Joy: 2 years.

• Keep your Rocoto Chili Powder in a cool dark place.
• Make sure that you cover your Rocoto Chili Powder storage container with a tightly fitting lid. This is because oxidation can make your Rocoto Chili Powder rancid at a fast pace.


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