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Decorative square box of preserved roses in various colors. Great option of ecuador box of roses in different colors.
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Decorate any space of the house or office with this sober and elegant arrangement made with real roses, choose the color you require. Enjoy an arrangement with a natural look, without the necessary maintenance for it, excellent for a gift. These boxes can be of any color of classic real roses turned into preserved flowers. You can also choose the color of the box. 16 roses real roses in each box.


This square box of preserved roses is an elegant gift that shows you care. It is ideal for moments like birthdays, anniversary and graduations.


Our preserved roses are the outcome of a careful artisanal process in which real roses are treated petal by petal and rebuilt into preserved blooms. You will get the beauty of a natural bloom but with a long lasting life.


Understanding what exactly preserved roses are, is the first step in their maintenance. Preserved roses are 100% real flowers that last up to 3 years without watering. Yes, preserved roses are natural blossoms and, in the particular case of the preserved roses in our stock, they are fair trade certified premium roses grown in the highlands of Ecuador.

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Hoja Verde Flowers cultivates the most astonishing blooms in the highlands of Ecuador and transform them into preserved roses. Their superior quality is the outcome of a socially conscious business. Along with their fair trade frameworks, Hoja Verde develops people-focused projects that enhance the life of the people and the communities they work with. 


• For indoor use only.
• Keep in a cool, dry place.
• Do not expose directly to sunlight.
• Avoid contact with water.
• Avoid crushing, pressing or folding petals.
• Use a dry, cool air stream for cleaning.


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