Germania Sleeveless Blouse

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Modern white blouse with an outstanding red embroidery pattern.
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Beautiful sleeveless blouse of white color that combines the freshness of a contemporary style garment with an outstanding traditional red embroidery.


The Germania blouse was crafted by Catelina, a small family business that has made of hand embroidery their life during four generations. Currently, more than 60 women from the Zuleta community and its surroundings (Imbabura - Ecuador) gather with this family to embroider beautiful garments. By buying this product you contribute to keep a tradition alive and support the development of indigenous communities.


This blouse was crafted with cotton threads and fabrics of the highest quality that guarantees durability and long-lasting bright colors.

Fabric: 75% cotton, 25% Acrylic.

Threads: 100% cotton.


Size 36 = 4-5 (USA)

Size 38 = 7-8 (USA)

Size 40 = 10-11 (USA)


• Use a plastic basin and make sure there are no residues of cleaning products that could stain or bleach your embroidery piece.

• Pour cold water on the basin and add gentle detergent. Let your blouse soak for 10 minutes.

• Gently rub stained sections. Be very careful while washing embroidered areas.

• Rinse with plenty of water. You can also rinse in washing machine.

• Tumble dry or allow it to air-dry naturally under a shade (avoid direct exposure to sunlight).

• If you chose the second, don’t twist the blouse to remove excess water. Instead squeeze gently.


• Turn your embroidered blose inside out and splash a little bit of water.

• Place a cotton white fabric over the blouse and iron at a medium temperature.


• Keep your blouse in a clean, dry area and away from sunlight.


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