CHOCO QUINUA 35g pack of 12

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Delicious quinoa pops covered with 58% fine aroma milk chocolate.- Enjoy the true flavors of the middle of the world with family and friends. 12 packs of chocoquinoa covered in 58% fine aroma milk chocolate.
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The quinoa seed has been a staple of Andean diets for over 4,000 years. Due to its high protein and dietary-fiber contents, quinoa is regarded as a 'superfood' in modern diets.

The Hoja Verde chocolates are made with premium organic cocoa beans grown in the tropical lowlands of Ecuador, the most biodiverse country on earth. Ecuadorian cocoa has long been recognized as the world’s finest bean. Its ‘Arriba’ variety brings an unequalled depth in aroma and flavor.

• Organic
• Gluten-Free
• Trans-Fat Free
• Vegan

• EU Organic Farming
• Fair Trade

• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Avoid sun exposure and any kind of heat source.
• Ideal Storage Temperature 50°F


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