Expoflor is one of the largest international exhibitions of the flower business. This important event took place at the Metropolitan Convention Center of Quito – Ecuador last September and had exhibitors from Ecuador, Colombia and Germany. Sense Ecuador® was one of the 115 exhibitors and one of the most important wholesalers of fine Ecuadorian roses.

Expoflor Quito

During 3 days, from September 19th to the 21st, around 2500 attendees from all over the world connected with the important flower companies in Ecuador. Sense Ecuador® sale’s team reached new clients, who learned about innovative commercial and logistic solutions for their flower businesses. Such encounter became the beginning of promising trade opportunities between Ecuador and the USA.

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The strategic partnership that Sense Ecuador<sup>®</sup> holds with <a href=Hoja Verde, the number 1 farm in Ecuador
in terms of quality control, enable Sense Ecuador® to deliver more than 120 rose varieties to the most important markets in the USA. Some of these incredible flowers were on display during the fair, captivating attendees from every corner of the planet.

Hoja Verde

Among the roses showcased at Expoflor 2018, Sense Ecuador® had freshly cut roses and preserved natural flowers of vibrant colors and exceptional quality. The Wedding Collection was no doubt one of the most popular during the 3 days of exhibition, due to the mix of preserved bouquets and boutonnieres, as well as for its DIY centerpieces of fresh roses of white and pastel colors.

Expoflor 2018


Express your love with the finest Ecuadorian red roses:

Time for Joy
Bridesmaid Bouquet


The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet
Feelings are meant to be expressed, and we all know that there are infinite ways to do it. What we can't deny is that some of these are more universal than others. You can externalize your fondness with a hug or display your affection with a kiss. The meanings behind these actions are known worldwide.

The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet

The same thing happens with gifts. A present is usually a materialization of the emotions that exist in your heart for someone in particular. Giving the right object that reveals what you feel is very important for everyone. So when it comes down to choosing the perfect item for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with the classics. Chocolate and jewelry are perfect exemplars of elegant gifts that say “I love you”, but neither of them manifests romance and passion like roses. These flowers are perfect to convey the word love.

The power of giving roses

The power of giving roses

When you give a present, you are not only communicating what you feel for someone else. You are also saying a lot about your personality. These acts influence the perception that others have about you. Studies have shown that flowers create instant delight to those who receive them. People who send these flowers are commonly viewed as happy, caring, emotionally intelligent and even courageous. Why? Well, roses are extremely beautiful, elegant, soft and have a pleasing aroma. They are perfect to make your statement when you fall in love.

Roses and their meanings

Roses and their meanings

Roses come in a wide variety of colors and they mean different things. It’s important to acknowledge them when choosing a bouquet as a present. You want to express what you feel with the right color and number. Number? Yes! The number of roses in a bouquet also has various implications. If you don’t know what these are, we have the perfect guide for you.



















Best ways to say “I'm sorry”
Did you screw up? Don’t worry, we've got your back!
Sense Ecuador<sup>®</sup> in the final stage of DHL’s challenge: Export to the World

DHL Express, the world's leading logistics company, with more than 30 years of experience in Ecuador, has partnered up with IMPAQTO to invite small and medium-sized Ecuadorian companies to participate in the first edition of the DHL Export to the World Challenge.

Export to the World Challenge

Export to the World Challenge

DHL’s objective with this initiative has been to encourage the development of new business proposals in Ecuador that have a social contribution, meet the needs of current and potential customers and that can be anchored to its economic chain adding value to it.

The “Export to the World Challenge” has encouraged entrepreneurs from all around Ecuador to subscribe and to express their ideas and motivations. It has also created a window to promote the projects of these local entrepreneurs towards the rest of the world. In order to publicize their business models and participate for a recognition that helps them consolidate their projects locally and internationally.

Export to the World Challenge

Ecuador is a country with a lot of potential. According to Edith Villavicencio, general manager of DHL Express Ecuador, this country is the one with most entrepreneurship in Latin America. 1 in 3 adults aim to create their own business before turning 45 years old.

With 347 subscriptions, Sense Ecuador® has recently been listed as one of the final 10 companies in the Exporters category of the Export to the World Challenge. This demonstrates the potential that its business model has and the quality of the premium products they offer. Their commitment of reducing distances by sending a piece of Ecuador straight to their consumer’s doorstep with a single click has been well recognized and appreciated.

Ecuadorian premium products to expand your senses:


4 bars of 1 organic dark chocolate
Galapagos coffee beans: 2 bags of 12 oz