Are you feeling romantic? Well with only a few days until Valentine’s Day, you should! Fill your heart with the purest love and don’t be afraid to express it.

The magic of LOVE

The magic of LOVE

Love is a strong word because of the meaning it carries. We have to accept that it really is what moves the world and makes it a better place. Love for ourselves, for others and for the planet is what encourages us to do good and to promote it. So, when talking about love, how important is having a day to celebrate it? It’s essential!

Even though the purest feeling in life should be acknowledged every single day, it is nice to know that there is a day in the calendar dedicated to it. A day of the year when the world unites to honor and express what they feel to their loved ones.

Details that inspire

Details that inspire

There are infinite ways to express how much you care for somebody else, but we can all agree that some ways are more universal than others. Being love an essential emotion for life itself, we, as human beings try to use things that have no comparison to express it. The beauty drawn in the petals of a rose or the pleasure produced by the taste of chocolate have been globally conceived as a translation of this feeling.

Everybody wants to make their Valentine’s Day especial and you can even make it unforgettable by sharing what is in your heart with unique elements of nature from the exact middle of the world.

Ecuadorian roses

Ecuadorian roses have been cataloged as the best in the world for their size, color, vase life and basically for the extraordinary way they blossom. Each of their unusual tones have a different meaning, but all of them are a true symbol of beauty.

Hoja Verde’s Chocolate

Hoja Verde’s Chocolate uses exclusively Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma cacao, known as the finest in the world for its special flavor and aroma. The exceptional quality of these black and milk chocolates have been recognized internationally by the Academy of Chocolate Awards for two consecutive years.

Both the beauty and deliciousness of these gifts are filled with a maximum expression of love and romance. Surprising your loved ones with these products will allow them to take a sensory journey to one of the most biodiverse country in the world, Ecuador.

Gift the present of enchantment, love the adventure of exploring your senses:

Fierce Power
Fine chocolate pack mint + lemon verbena + orange + roses & lemon


Healthy thanksgiving pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday and there is no doubt that the time shared in the family around the dinner table has no comparison. There is something magical in taking a moment of the year to give thanks and to feel grateful for the people, the moments and things that have accompanied us.
The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet
Feelings are meant to be expressed, and we all know that there are infinite ways to do it. What we can't deny is that some of these are more universal than others. You can externalize your fondness with a hug or display your affection with a kiss. The meanings behind these actions are known worldwide.

The meaning behind the number of roses you give in a bouquet

The same thing happens with gifts. A present is usually a materialization of the emotions that exist in your heart for someone in particular. Giving the right object that reveals what you feel is very important for everyone. So when it comes down to choosing the perfect item for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with the classics. Chocolate and jewelry are perfect exemplars of elegant gifts that say “I love you”, but neither of them manifests romance and passion like roses. These flowers are perfect to convey the word love.

The power of giving roses

The power of giving roses

When you give a present, you are not only communicating what you feel for someone else. You are also saying a lot about your personality. These acts influence the perception that others have about you. Studies have shown that flowers create instant delight to those who receive them. People who send these flowers are commonly viewed as happy, caring, emotionally intelligent and even courageous. Why? Well, roses are extremely beautiful, elegant, soft and have a pleasing aroma. They are perfect to make your statement when you fall in love.

Roses and their meanings

Roses and their meanings

Roses come in a wide variety of colors and they mean different things. It’s important to acknowledge them when choosing a bouquet as a present. You want to express what you feel with the right color and number. Number? Yes! The number of roses in a bouquet also has various implications. If you don’t know what these are, we have the perfect guide for you.



















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