Jute handbags are a classy twist to everyday accessories. Their biodegradable surface provides a rustic and natural appearance that matches every outfit you could think of. If you are going for a casual look, a boho style or want to keep that country-like vibe going, without detracting elegance, these handbags are the perfect complement for you.

Since jute is a fabric that maintains humidity, it will protect your personal belongings in any weather. Jute is also neutral with the environment, so it’s ideal for outside activities. These handbags will definitely be your best companion anytime and anywhere you choose to take yours. Although, as many other fibers it requires certain care. Follow these tips to keep your jute handbag as good as new.


To make sure your bag last longer, make sure you follow these tips:

• Even though jute is a resistant fiber, you should avoid putting too much weight inside your handbag.
• Make sure any sharp object you carry inside your handbag is protected to prevent damage to the fabric.
• We recommend putting any object that could cause a stain inside a plastic bag, before placing it inside your jute handbag.
• Jute doesn’t react well to water, unless it’s for cleaning purposes avoid getting your handbag wet.

Usage jute handbag


To make sure your bag last longer, make sure you follow these tips:

• It’s not recommended to wash your handbag. Instead, gently use a sponge dipped in lukewarm water and liquid detergent to clean it.
• To remove stains slightly rub any visible spots off the surface.

Cleaning jute handbag

• Let your handbag dry in open air. Put it between two towels, away from direct sunlight.
• If you just want to remove odors, use baking soda. Leave the handbag on a flat surface and sprinkle the baking soda on top, letting it act for two to four days, then shake it off.


Keep your handbag clean and safe. Make sure you keep in mind these easy steps:

• Once you’ve cleaned your bag and allowed it to dry, store it away from direct sunlight at room temperature.
• Make sure it’s kept in a cool dry place, where the fabric won’t sweat and produce mold.

Storage jute handbag

• If possible, place your handbag inside a soft fabric envelope to prevent any damage.
• Remember to remove all items from your bag, before putting it away.


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